Special Delivery

Haynes Baby Shower 012 (1024x922)

On Friday, April 21st, we had the honor of hosting a reunion for SheNequa, Laurie, and Shane Haynes.

Two Months ago, Nick Henderson and Kyle Vieira responded to a 911 call for a woman in labor. Once Nick and Kyle arrived on scene, things moved very quickly so the crew assisted SheNequa with the birth of baby Shane. By their talent and grace under pressure, you would never know that this was both Nick and Kyle’s first delivery! Mom and baby arrived at Armstrong today healthy, happy and excited to reunite with the crew that helped bring Shane into the world. SheNequa and Armstrong exchanged gifts, (one being an “Armstrong Ambulance Special Delivery” onesie), and recounted the very memorable events from the morning of her delivery.

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