Armstrong Ambulance - Who We Are

Who We Are

Raising The Standard Of Emergency Medical Services. Paving the Road to the Future of Mobile Healthcare.

At the heart of Armstrong Ambulance is a commitment to providing the best possible service and medical care to each patient—a commitment that began with our founder, William F. Armstrong, over 75 years ago.  Read more about our history.

Armstrong provides a comprehensive range of patient-centric services, from emergent and non-emergent Ambulance Service to Specialized Transportation.

We also:

  • Manage and plan your large scale and special events
  • Provide Ambulance Billing Services
  • Provides educational resources for EMS clinicians, healthcare agencies and communities.

Armstrong Ambulance employs more than 250 highly trained emergency medical services professionals. Our fleet includes over 70 vehicles, stationed across our multiple locations in the Greater Boston area and equipped with the most advanced technology available.

All of our services—and the people who provide them—reflect our commitment to excellence in mobile medicine.