Armstrong Ambulance Therapy Dog Visits Arlington Senior Center

Image-1Armstrong Ambulance took its new therapy dog on its first community outing last week.

On Thursday, April 18, Armstrong’s chocolate lab, Willie Blue Armstrong, paid a visit to the Arlington Senior Center. He was accompanied by Armstrong HR Director (and Willie’s trainer) Beth Keegan, Provider Relations and Marketing Representative Katherine Aker and Chief Business Officer Meredith Lambroff.

Following an invitation by senior center staff, the outing became Willie’s first official trip into the community since he joined Armstrong earlier this year. During his visit, members of the Armstrong team filled attendees in on Willie’s background and training.

They also shared some inside stories about Willie’s life at Armstrong’s Arlington base, including his devilish side where he once sneaked off with a colleague’s lunch. The group chuckled at the “Silly Willie” stories and had smiles from ear to ear.

“The group asked a lot of questions, shared stories about their own pets and took pictures with Willie,” Lambroff said. “We all left feeling happier. It was a great day, and we’re looking forward to going back to visit as well as having Willie brighten up many more lives.”

Willie’s visit was chronicled on his Instagram account, which features regular updates on his day-to-day life. To see Willie’s Instagram page, click

*Click and for videos of Willie’s visit to the senior center*

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