In Midst Of Disaster, We Come Together

Emergency crews responding to The Merrimack Valley gas explosions

Emergency crews responding to The Merrimack Valley gas explosions

On September 15th, over 70 houses exploded in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover due to a gas line issue, displacing thousands of residents and their families.

In order to support the massive EMS mutual aid MCI response, Armstrong, along with many other agencies, sent multiple units and first responders to help transport injured residents.

In the days following the explosions and fires Armstrong provide extra coverage in Lawrence to our partners at Trinity, allowing our greater EMS community to send more resources to all those affected.
Armstrong also assisted in non-emergent work, helping transport evacuated and displaced residents to local shelters.

Thank you to the countless first responders (Police, Fire and EMS) for your diligent work and tremendous efforts to clear the fires and provide relief to all those affected in the Merrimack Valley.

Pictured are Armstrong Ambulance crew members, Jennifer Lynch and Brandon Whitney providing coverage to our partners at Trinity.


Armstrong Receives High Marks


This month Armstrong completed our annual inspection with The Department of Public Health/Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS).

Once again, Armstrong received high marks in all areas and OEMS reported they were extremely impressed with our service, equipment, vehicles, protocols and personnel.

A sincere thank you to all our staff and crew members for their constant readiness and attention to detail. We are extremely proud of our team’s efforts as they are not only very impacting but also clearly noted and greatly appreciated by OEMS.

As evidenced by our 6 plus year accreditation status by CAAS, (the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services), we have set our standards high and have reached them each and every year. As we enter our 72nd year of service, all of us at Armstrong continue to strive for excellence and remain committed to providing the highest standard of care to our communities, partners and patients.

Armstrong Mechanics 8-13-18 011

Ambulance (Patient) vs. Uber (Passenger)

As health care costs have risen and ridesharing apps become more common, people are increasingly relying on Uber and other ridesharing companies to transport themselves to the hospital instead of dialing 9-1-1 for an ambulance. Ridesharing apps, such as Uber offer on-demand and convenient transportation to individuals who are not seriously injured, ill or suffering from complicating factors. In simplest terms, Uber can drop off passengers to outpatient medical appointments, similar to an old-fashioned “taxi voucher”. However, not everyone is healthy enough to be transported in a passenger vehicle driven by a layperson, especially when seeking urgent medical attention. Rideshare drivers are, generally, untrained, self-employed workers driving their own cars on a part-time basis. They’re not medical professionals and are not prepared or trained to deal with medical emergencies. Fully equipped ambulances, staffed by highly skilled Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians, using high-tech supplies and equipment are the best choice to call upon, care for and transport in the case of stroke, heart attack, trauma, and other serious medical emergencies, or to care for patients with special needs requiring medical management.

The American Ambulance Association released a video to promote public awareness of the many differences between rideshare companies (Uber/Lyft) and medically-necessary mobile healthcare ambulance service providers. We encourage you to watch the video to fully understand the differences between Ambulance providers who help save and sustain PATIENT lives and rideshare companies who provide safe transportation for PASSENGERS to get from one location to another.

The Greatest Gift… The Gift Of Life!


Blood Drive 2-15-18 (11)

  On behalf of Armstrong Ambulance Service, we wanted to extend a sincere thank you to all the donors who rolled up their sleeves and supported our blood drive Thursday, February 15th. Thanks to the generosity of Armstrong employees, other First Responders and members of the surrounding communities, The American Red Cross was able to collect 35 units of blood, exceeding our set goal of 32 units!

The real winners are the patients in need of blood. As we know, each blood donation will help save three lives, and with the success of our drive, our donors helped save a total of 105 lives!

We also extend a big thank you to Ed Kelly, Bob Gardner and the many volunteers who combined efforts to make this important event possible. Your time and donations are truly appreciated and most of all will give life and hope to blood recipients and their loved ones. Once again, we thank you all who came out and supported this great cause to help others.

Blood Drive 2-15-18 (6) Blood Drive 2-15-18

Blood Drive 2-15-18 (8)

Lend a hand, by lending an arm on February 15th!




Armstrong Ambulance has partnered with The American Red Cross of Massachusetts and will be hosting a blood drive February 15th at our Alpha-Arlington Base! Please join us in going red during the month of February to recognize American Heart Month and sign up to give the gift of life. Our goal is to have a total of 50 donors day of,  saving 150 lives! The need is constant. The gratification is instant. Give blood. ™

To sign up to donate please click link:


Call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767)

Armstrong and Red Cross Flyer for website

Winter Warmth Clothing Drive

Armstrong EMT, Alex Cristofori organizing donated winter clothing.

Armstrong EMT, Alex Cristofori and Armstrong’s donated winter clothing. 

Thanks to Armstrong EMT, Alexander Cristofori, Armstrong had a successful 2nd annual Winter Warmth Clothing Drive. For the second year in a row, Alex  partnered with Bay Cove Human Services to organize a drive and help spread warmth throughout our community. This year Armstrong collected 62 jackets, 30 sweaters, 11 pants, 15 scarves, 5 pairs socks, 23 pairs of gloves, 15 hats, 3 blankets and 3 pairs of boots. A grand total of 160 pieces of warm clothing were donated to Bay Cove Human Services to help keep our community members warmer this winter season.

We would like to extend a thank you to all who so generously donated items for this special cause. Your kindness will help make this season warmer for those who need it most!


2017 Outstanding Team Response of the Year Award

It is with great honor to announce that The Metropolitan Boston EMS Council has chosen Armstrong Ambulance Service, Woburn Fire Department, and Woburn Police Department winning recipients of the 2017 Outstanding Team Response of the Year Award!

Armstrong Ambulance Service paramedics, along with Woburn Fire and Police units responded to a reported patient having a seizure. En-route to the call, the units were updated that the patient was actually on the roof of a building and a bystander was performing CPR.  Upon arrival, EMS, Fire and Police personnel were presented with an incredible challenge of a technical rescue for a 48 year old man on a rooftop in cardiac arrest.  The Woburn firefighters, police officers and Armstrong paramedics all worked together to expertly complete the rescue while continuously providing resuscitation efforts.  This was accomplished by applying the LUCAS automated compression device, placing the patient in a scoop stretcher and carrying him down the Woburn Fire Department’s ladder truck.

The cooperation, strength and determination of all three organizations allowed this patient to make a full recovery and walk out of the hospital completely neurologically intact. Armstrong’s crew members involved in the Outstanding Team Response of the Year Award are Chris Mahoney, Kris Keraghan and Sylvian Ellis. Congratulations to these three Medics and to the rest of our company on such an achievement and recognition as a whole. Here’s to continuing to provide our families, organizations and community a promised “higher standard of care.”

The Seventeenth Annual Region IV EMS Awards Ceremony recognizing the following recipients will be held on Thursday November 9th at the American Legion Post 440, 295 California Street in Newton, MA. We thank you all for dedicating yourselves to excellence and exceptional patient care.

Pictured are the three responding Armstrong Paramedics. Top right: Kris Keraghan. Bottom left: Chris Mahoney. Bottom right:  Sylvian Ellis.

Pictured are the three responding Armstrong Paramedics. Top right: Kris Keraghan. Bottom left: Chris Mahoney. Bottom right: Sylvian Ellis.

Armstrong Ambulance offers CPR/emergency training for Massachusetts foster parents through the Wonderfund


ARLINGTON, Massachusetts, September 28, 2017 — The Wonderfund, a newly launched charity serving children supported by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, is honored to announce that it will be offering medical-emergency and CPR training for foster parents through a new partnership with Armstrong Ambulance Service Inc. Read Full Press Release…

Flag Pole Dedication

Flag Dedication 2


President Gale Armstrong Brady, alongside Paul Gallagher, Victor Marchese, Bobby Hoffman, and Sean Mangan, celebrated 4th of July at the American Legion Post 39 in Arlington. The morning ceremony was a dedication to our great founder Bill Armstrong, who had previously donated the flagpole as a longtime member of the American Legion.

Flag Dedication

Connecting With The Community


In an event of a medical emergency calling 911 should always be the first step, however, before EMS professionals arrive on scene it is often the life-saving techniques implemented by bystanders that increase a patient’s odds of survival and subsequent quality of life.

As a proud partner of the City of Medford, Armstrong Ambulance recently rolled out a variety of life saving skills classes to the community. To kick start the summer, we collaborated with the Medford Public Schools, Medford city government and Medford Fire and Police Departments on outreach initiatives focused on current public health issues.

Over the last few weeks, Armstrong Paramedics Sean Mangan and Danielle Rabickow taught all 400 graduating Medford seniors how to provide basic life saving techniques. This training included hands only CPR, how to use an AED, Naloxone administration, opiate awareness/education and the principles of hemorrhage control and tourniquet use. The Medford Vocational Technical High School seniors received additional training where workforce injury data from 2016 was used to teach injury prevention and aid within top categories of injury.

Additionally, life saving techniques were taught to Medford parents on June 1st, during The Medford Office of Prevention and Outreach’s “Hidden in Plain Sight” exhibit; a display focused on educating parents on spotting potential signs of opioid abuse. As part of this exhibit, Armstrong provided additional training for parents that included recognizing and responding to a stroke, using an AED, hands only CPR, spotting the signs and symptoms of an overdose and administering Naloxone.

We look forward to working in conjunction with all of our communities to deliver similar educational opportunities. We are always seeking opportunities to partner with interested schools, communities, and organizations. By providing the tools and resources necessary for life saving interventions, we hope to see a decrease in accidents and acuity of incidents that require emergency medical transportation.