Community Healthcare Program

Community Healthcare Program

The Armstrong Community Healthcare Program

The purpose of the Community Health Care Program is to address the fragmentation within the current health care system. Many patients not only need assistance in navigating the health care maze, but also need support and additional resources once in the system.

The Community HealthCare Program focuses on patients as individuals, looking at their specific goals, needs, resources, limitations and obstacles, and providing tailored guidance, support and education. The goal is to ensure more favorable personal and health outcomes, reduce patients’ anxiety, and keep them from “falling between the cracks” as they address their daily health care needs.

In our collaborative, team approach, each enrolled patient has a highly trained clinical team working alongside them, and receives regularly scheduled home visits from one of our Mobile Healthcare Providers. During these visits, the provider provides a medical assessment and ensures the patient is taking their prescribed medications and following up with their primary care provider. The provider’s very presence also provides some much-needed social interaction for these patients.

To learn more about this innovative program, contact Eric Fisher.