The Critical Importance of Organ Donation

NEDS Armstrong

Ahead of its annual fundraiser, New England Donor Services and Armstrong Ambulance are drawing upon their existing partnership to bring attention to the critical importance organ donors play in saving the lives of others in need.

Armstrong and NEDS enjoy a close partnership that has helped facilitate the transport of over 200 donor organs per year — plus transplant teams — from donor hospitals to transplant centers in time for lifesaving procedures to occur.

“It’s so eye-opening to see how much of a difference NEDS makes in so many lives, which is a direct byproduct of the amazing people who work there. Every single person in the organization is dedicated, compassionate, kind and so skilled at working in such an essential field,” Armstrong Chief Business Officer Meredith Lambroff said. “The end of life is extremely difficult for donor families, no matter the circumstances, but the way the NEDS team works with them and emphasizes the lifesaving impact their loved ones have is truly inspiring.”

Through their partnership, Armstrong has ambulances at the ready to pick up donated organs and rush them to recipients, often transporting the donated organs and surgical teams from an airport directly to the operating room doors where a recipient is waiting.

“Registering as an organ and tissue donor is a selfless decision ,” NEDS President and CEO Alexandra K. Glazier said. “By doing so, people are ensuring that even when their life ends, they can help extend and improve the quality of life for a stranger, and there’s no gift more priceless than that.”

NEDS is hosting its annual Blue and Green Walk in Boston this weekend to raise awareness of the critical difference organ donors make in the lives of others. Thousands of lives are changed each year through organ donation, and the Blue and Green Walk helps raise essential funds and awareness for that effort. Armstrong will have one of its ambulances on hand at the event for children and families to explore firsthand.

This year’s walk will take place Saturday, Sept. 14, at 8 a.m. at Artesani Park, 1255 Soldiers Field Road, Boston. For more information about the event, click here. The walk has so far raised $96,300 toward its ultimate goal of $110,000.

New England Donor Services coordinates organ and tissue donation in the six New England states and Bermuda. Through its two affiliated organ procurement organizations, Life Choice Donor Services ( LCDS ) and New England Organ Bank (NEOB) and its centralized tissue donation services operation, NEDS serves thousands of donor families each year who have generously made the decision to donate and honors the wishes of those who registered as donors and gave the gift of life.

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