Saving Lives In The Workplace

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Unfortunately, workplace safety is a realistic concern. Rich Raymond, Armstrong CEO and Executive Director of the Northeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council Foundation,knows that first hand as he was a first responder to Edgewater Technology on Dec. 26, 2000 during a mass shooting by an employee that left seven coworkers dead.

Since that time, Rich has promoted workplace safety and preparedness. For that reason, Rich has been an integral part of the NEMLEC Foundation and works in conjunction with talented law enforcement officials in an effort to keep all work environments safe.

Knowing the importance of education and readiness, Rich is personally inviting the business community to attend The Business Safety Summit on June 18th to discuss business safety focused on recognizing, responding to, and minimizing incidents of concern and violence in the workplace.

The Business Safety Summit’s agenda consists of a speaking program of corporate security, public relations, mental health, law enforcement, executive management and healthcare professionals who will speak on best practices and training methods for effective prevention, response and intervention of potential crises, including mental health issues and violence in the workplace.

Speakers will also share case studies from their experiences to demonstrate how to avoid potential risks to companies, outline the roles and responsibilities for each discipline of the Threat Management Team and provide attendees with a checklist for self-evaluation at their own company. As well, the program will include a presentation by Shirley Singleton, the CEO of Edgewater Technology.

Speaker Keith Jones, Director of Corporate Security at Draper Labs, states “An established intervention and crisis management plan is a vital component for all businesses to include in their operations procedures.” This training will give both police and proprietors the steps to take to create a successful model for a safe working environment.”

Police chiefs and police officers from the 60-plus communities throughout Middlesex and Essex counties that comprise NEMLEC will be in attendance to learn from the speakers and to meet business leaders from their communities. “All employees should feel and be safe at work,” added District Attorney Marian Ryan.

Please join us at this very important event which could save lives.

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